Print on clothes

With this service Plamena Style closes the process of the complete manufacture of your clothes, with all its details and inscriptions. We have modern equipment for print on textile with which you can present yourself to everyone. We make all kinds of inscriptions of texts on different textile fabrics. They trusted in us, trust in […]

Borislava Tsenkova – Operating Manager in Tavex

Here you can hear what Borislava Tsenkova has to say on the relationship between Tavex and Plamena Style. Where the place of Plamena Style is among competition, what it stands out with and why the selection of a partner company is something very important.

Clothes branding

Plamena Style makes professional branding of clothes and creates recognisability, standing out from competition at the moment of direct connection with the customers – in the process of sale itself. Apart from this you will also receive professional and creative support on creating the inquiry for branding work clothes – branding of clothes, official outfits, […]

Corrections of clothes

Plamena Style thinks of you again. We make corrections of different kinds of clothes. We have sufficient resources to correct the different details of the dimensions of your clothes.   The professionals on our team will do anything necessary to correct the articles and the problems will be solved. The terms and prices for corrections […]

Manufacture of work clothes

Plamena Style makes cuts of different kinds of clothes in conformity with their type and function. Do you want a new clothes line or just a sequel to the current clothes line for your employees more functional than the previous one? Plamena Style is the right choice. Our long years of experience in designing and […]

Manufacture of company clothes

Dear friends, as you already know, we manufacture clothes for corporate clients. We would like your employees to be dressed with unified clothes; do not let yourself be troubled by low quality craftsmanship or missed deadlines. Our team will approach your ideas of vision individually, we shall take into consideration your corporate colours and will […]

Making of a company logo

If you are a company that is new on the market? If you still do not have a logo by which everyone will recognise your business, then we are here for you? Plamena Style will make the suitable logo, with stylish design and professional approach to the individuality of your company. Our team has some […]

Manufacture and design of clothes

Plamena Style creates cuts of different clothes. With its proven long experience in stylish design and manufacture we shall make the perfect clothes for you. You will get a visual idea of the line of the desired article. We shall draw the outline of your outfit. By this you will acquire the maximum idea of […]